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Available now in paperback and Kindle Formats... 



A story of bravery, dedication, and sacrifice!

Lee Strauser had fought a hundred major wildfires in his career with the US Forest Service. But never one that threatened to destroy his own community, along with everyone in it. And never a conflagration fueled by greed and corruption.


Available now in Paperback and Kindle Formats !!

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When family is in trouble, we rush to their aid. That is exactly what Matthew McWain did when he learned his nephew, along with eleven fellow U.S. Marines, had been captured by Islamic Terrorists. McWain, a former United States Marine Corps aviator, attached to Force Recon, assembles an aggressive rescue force to slip into eastern Iran and retrieve the Marines from a harsh subterranean prison cell. It’s a covert operation, but if things suddenly go loud the rescue force could find they are facing overwhelming opposition. It becomes a race against time when Matt discovers the Iranians intend to execute their prisoners.


About the Author

Image of Carl A Sparks, Author

Carl A. Sparks

Carl is an active pilot, flight instructor and the recipient of the Wright Brothers Master Pilot award.  He is a veteran firefighter of forty-two years and the retired fire chief of Branson, Missouri where he currently lives with his lovely wife Sue.  They have a son and daughter and five grandchildren.  Besides flying, writing and reading he loves doing "family stuff" and traveling. 


Conflagration is his fourth published work in fiction.  While he has enjoyed bringing the McWain family to life, it was time to take a temporary detour into an area fond to his heart, Firefighting!  Conflagration is available now! 

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