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Rescue Flight

Book image for novel, Rescue Flight

Carl Sparks' salient, debut novel, Rescue Flight, is comprised of international intrigue, personal angst, and down home personalities.  When the president's daughter goes missing in Guatemala, the most powerful leader in the world is torn between the constraints of his office and a father's desire to do whatever is necessary.  President Downs finds the help he needs in civilians Matt and Chase McWain.  Two personable cousins armed with the equipment, experience, and capability necessary to pull off an impossible, clandestine mission and save Carley Downs.  

Fire Storm

Book image for novel, Fire Storm


 A Chilling Story of Terror and Desperation!!

America is under attack! The horrifying fear of Islamic terrorists invading the United States had come to reality. Former U.S. Marine Corps aviator Matthew McWain must locate Ahmad Hassam's secret headquarters before the master terrorist turns his trained warriors and suicide bombers loose on American civilians in a diabolical plan of brutal attacks. It's a race against time when Matt discovers the attacks are only a diversion. The real threat behind Firestorm is a catastrophic plot that will devastate the nation. Matthew is torn between duty and allegiance to his family when he learns Hassam has a very personal agenda.

Book image for novel, Kinsman


When family is in trouble, we rush to their aid. That is exactly what Matthew McWain did when he learned his nephew, along with eleven fellow U.S. Marines, had been captured by Islamic Terrorists. McWain, a former United States Marine Corps aviator, attached to Force Recon, assembles an aggressive rescue force to slip into eastern Iran and retrieve the Marines from a harsh subterranean prison cell. It’s a covert operation, but if things suddenly go loud the rescue force could find they are facing overwhelming opposition. It becomes a race against time when Matt discovers the Iranians intend to execute their prisoners.

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